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          The joint stock company Pharmos was founded on January 18, 2006. It was the joint stock company Česká lekárnicka (Czech Pharmacists) that motivated the establishment of the company Pharmos and which in the Czech Republic, in particular through the company Pharmos, is involved in the pharmaceutical wholesale market  with  a share of 24% and regularly ranks among the leading companies in the Czech Republic. The second shareholder is the company TopPharmex,  spol. s r.o (Ltd.), which served in that time wholesale distribution business as a local distributor in the Central-western Slovakia. The intention of Česká lekárnická a.s. (Czech Pharmaceutical Inc.) , Pharmos Inc. and other subsidiaries was to create a wholesale pharmacy, which would provide its founders, pharmacists doing free business  a long-term stable business environment. Pharmos a.s (Pharmos Inc.) wants to approach the operators of pharmacies in Slovakia with the same philosophy.

          From the date of its inception until 2009,  the company Pharmos Inc. provided distribution through a central distribution warehouse in Nitra, which was not sufficient in terms of the customers´s requirements, and therefore in March 2009 it opened its own warehouse and distribution services in Ružomberok. In 2010 an extension to the existing warehouse space was completed in Nitra, which was necessary due to the enlargement of pre-wholesale services. Since the aim of the Company was to build a distribution company with national coverage, in June 2011 another warehouse was opened in Košice, and so the development in the area of logistics centers
was completed.
         Our effort will also be, in regard to the oligopolistic distribution of Slovak wholesale market, to built  a stable market for the wholesale distribution company with a growing share of the market, to create the right business environment for  the operators of pharmacies.

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